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Hello, my name is Anthony Bianco, and I have been teaching AP Psychology since 2015.  

A bit about me: I completed my BA in psychology and philosophy at Simon Fraser University. I enjoyed psychology so much that I worked in a lab that studies perception. 

Furthermore while I was doing my undergrad, I had the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant teacher at an elementary school, teaching kids reading, writing, and math; and this is where I found my passion for teaching and tutoring.

After getting a job teaching AP Psychology part-time, I put together powerpoint slides for my students; and since they were continually asking me to email them the slides, I created this website as a solution. Little did I know that my slides would be used by people all over the world.

Some of my favorite activities are reading, playing music, and swimming.

If you would like to have online classes with me or just want to reach out, email me through the contact form. Good luck on the exam!


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